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The Snowy Adventure
From US $ 338
Day one: Bogotá - Güicán

Day 2 Güicán

Day 3: Güicán - Bogotá
- Line transport bus to Bogota or vehicles Tourism Bogotá – Güicán – Bogotá
- Transfers of Güicán Camper at the cabanas and come back. ( 50 minutes each way)
- Two night of the housing in the cabanas Near the snowy
- Complete food (three American breakfast, three lunch and two dinner)
- tour walk the four hours the lake San Pablín
- tour walk the ascent to snow in the Peak white Ritakuwa
- Expert guide during all the excursions.
- Three days of integral Insurance of trip
- Tax of VAT of housing and supply
No Includes
- Expenses not specified in the program
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